Friday, March 8, 2013

Pac 12 | Amanda Gil’s final appeal denied

NCAA decides against giving Washington senior one more year of eligibility

The third time was not a charm.

Amanda Gil (1)
-Volleyblog Seattle photos by Leslie Hamann
After three appeals to the NCAA, Washington middle blocker Amanda Gil has learned she will not be granted one more year of volleyball eligibility.

“The appeals have run their course for Amanda Gil,” says Washington’s Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance, Kyle Pifer. “We made three requests to the NCAA, and all were denied, unfortunately.”

“I’m happy to finally get answer,” says Gil, from her home in Northern California, “even if it isn’t the answer I was looking for.”

Gil entered UCLA in 2008, and was granted a release immediately after the 2009 season to transfer to Washington. Under Pac-12 rules, she had to sit out the 2010 season. After a season-ending leg operation before the 2011 campaign, she came back in 2012 to lead the nation in blocking.

In most cases, NCAA athletes are given up to five years to complete four years of eligibility. Sixth years are surprisingly common, says Pifer, granted by the NCAA when athletes if athletes miss two seasons for circumstances beyond their control. In most cases, those circumstances relate to injuries.

In Gil’s case, the question was whether the transfer from UCLA was within her control. Gil maintained the transfer was, among other things, primarily for academic reasons. But the NCAA ultimately found it did not meet the “beyond control” standard.

“We will miss her,” says Washington coach Jim McLaughlin. “I loved coaching Amanda.”

“I’ve been waiting for a decision one way or another for months,” Gil says.” The longer you have to think about it, the harder it is to make decisions about your future.”

In the long run, Gil hopes that future will include more volleyball, including a chance to compete professionally overseas and a shot at a spot on the US National Team roster, perhaps joining Washington alumni Courtney Thompson and Tama Miyashiro, both Olympians.

In the short run, she needs to get her knee back to full strength.

“I’m 100% committed to getting that leg ready to play,” says Gil. “I’ll be back.”

“She’ll be successful because of who she is,” says McLaughlin. “If she comes back strong, she can compete at the highest level. But the most important thing now is for her to get fully healed and strengthen that leg.”

Gil has been cleared for physical therapy, and hopes to begin lifting weights in the weeks to come. She plans to continue coaching boys’ high school volleyball and girls’ club volleyball in the Bay Area.

And she leaves Washington with good feelings.

“I just want to thank everyone at Washington, my coaches, my teammates, the staff, the fans. You don’t know how truly grateful I am for all the love and support you’ve given me.”

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  1. So sorry to hear the news. Best of luck to Amanda with her rehab and future plans. She deserves the best

  2. UW has ZERO depth in the middle, better pray for no injuries to the position.

  3. Amanda is a terrific young woman. It's a pity she didn't get one more season.

  4. Amanda has been a class act all the way. She was as nice as could be whenever I had the chance to chat with her and was a great addition to the Husky volleyball program. It's just too bad we never got to see her healthy and at the top of her game.

    Go Dawgs!

  5. Perhaps now with Keno leaving Jim will replace him with Amanda Gil? Who better to train a Middle than the #1 middle in the country? I still sad the NCAA didn't give Amanda her 6th year.

  6. Would Jim really consider a past player? I never would have thought about putting Amanda forward as the next blocking coach until the previous poster mentioned it. Interesting thought she definitely know how to block and understands the way Jim coaches.

    I vote for Amanda!!!!!

  7. What a great opportunity for Amanda Gil to coach where she already has a excellent relationship with the coaching staff and players. Jim let your cell phone ring off the hook but when you see it's Amanda's number answer the phone and hire this lady soon you can get onto the business at hand and we can have a great upcoming season.


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