Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Final Four | NCAA Championships in Seattle/Tacoma: A Rare Event

2013 Women’s Volleyball Final Four will be just the 18th D1 Championship, and the 4th for women

[04.17.13 CORRECTION made: this will be the 18th NCAA Championship in Seattle/Tacoma, not the 19th]

When the 2013 D1 NCAA Volleyball Championship comes to Key Arena this December, it will be an opportunity more rare than those in Western Washington may think.

This will be just the 18th NCAA D1 Championship ever held in Seattle/Tacoma, and just the fourth-ever for women.

6 of the previous 17 championships were all held on the University of Washington campus between 1949 and 1971. After a 13 year hiatus, Seattle/Tacoma saw its NCAA heyday, hosting 8 championships in 11 years, in men’s soccer and in men’s & women’s basketball. Each of those competitions were held in either the Kingdome or the Tacoma Dome.

The 1995 men’s basketball Final Four in the Kingdome was the last truly big NCAA event in our region.

Want your kids to see a national championship? Better not wait for the next ones to roll around …


“Court & Spark,” a one-hour volleyball documentary premiering during Seattle’s 2013 Final Four, is wrapping up production in the next few weeks, with shoots at the USA Training Center in Anaheim and at the 2013 Emerald City Classic at the University of Washington.

A preview video is now available, highlighting some of the sights and sounds of our location shoots with Courtney Thompson in Poland. Let us know what you think.


  1. Yay! Regular updates to volleyblog are back! Woohoo!

  2. awesome work! can't wait to see the entire video.


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