Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Professional | 11 Washington alums playing pro volleyball overseas

Post-college volleyball careers now part of elite players’ job options

For a privileged few, a grand tour of Europe has long been part of entering the adult world. But while such tours are usually a perk of inherited wealth, they are a perk of long hours in the gym for an increasing number of former Washington volleyball players.

Former Washington All-American Jenna Hagglund is playing in Poland this winter
-USA Volleyball

This week, USA Volleyball released the latest list of former American collegiate volleyball players to have completed the necessary paperwork (international transfer certificates) to play overseas. So far, 208 women and 103 men are earning international paychecks, including many of the players you’ve seen competing for both the home and visiting teams in Pac-12 arenas.

11 former Washington Huskies are on the list, including Olympians Courtney Thompson and Tama Miyashiro, and their fellow US National Team teammate Jenna Hagglund. 2014 graduates Gabbi Parker, Jenna Orlandini and Kylin Muñoz are also on the list (2015 grads Krista Vansant and Kaleigh Nelson have not yet announced whether and where they will be playing.)

Here are the Washington alums. We also note fellow American teammates on their club’s roster.

Courtney Thompson, Volero Zurich
  • Natalie Hagglund (USC), Emily Hartong (Hawai’i)

Gabbi Parker, VBC Val-de-Travers

Jenna Hagglund, Impel Volleyball S.A.

Jenna Orlandini, Vannes Volley-Ball
Bianca Rowland, Vannes Volley-Ball
  • Katie Slay (Penn State), Korrin Wild (Fresno St)

Alesha Deesing, Volley Bergamo SRL
Becky Perry, Futura Volley SRL

Tama Miyashiro, Allianz Volley Stuttgart
  • Katherine Harms (Minnesota), Nikki Lindow (Colorado), Heather Meyers (Oregon)

Kindra Carlson, Kopenicker SC Berlin
Lauren Barfield, Kopenicker SC Berlin
  • Erica Wilson (Arizona State)

Kylin Muñoz, VT Aurubis Hamburg
  • Alexis Olgard (USC), Sara Shaw (USC)

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  1. Sad that we focus almost entirely on mens pro sports in the US and that there is no pro indoor volleyball for either sex. I'd pay to see either over basketball any day of the week! Best of luck to our 2015 alums and thanks for the memories.


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