Tuesday, February 17, 2015

College | Jonathan Winder is new Washington volleyball assistant coach

Current Pepperdine men's assistant makes transition to women's game

Jonathan Winder coaches Pepperdine players during his last weekend as Waves' Assistant Coach before heading to Seattle to become Washington women's Assistant Coach
-Volleyblog Seattle photo by Leslie Hamann
SAN DIEGO--Jonathan Winder is not yet 30, but has plenty of worldly experience. Raised in Irvine, California, he was a four-time All-American setter at Pepperdine before spending years traveling the globe with the US National Team and with professional leagues throughout Europe.

Most recently an assistant at Pepperdine, Winder is on the move again. This week, he's leaving one of the elite programs in men's college volleyball to join one of the elite programs in women's college volleyball. New Washington head coach Keegan Cook announced that Winder will join the Huskies' staff, effective this week.

We caught up with Winder this past weekend in San Diego, just after his penultimate match with the Waves, and just before he and his wife and their newborn baby make the move to Seattle. Here is our conversation:


  1. I just finished watching the Hammond interview of Jonathan Winder, the new Assistant Coach of VB at UW (great, informative interview).
    I have been a big fan of Jim McLaughlin, the former UW Womens' Volleyball Coach; and have been "down" because of his unexpected departure to coach at one of my least favored athletic schools.
    However, I became mildly impressed by the new UW coach, Keegan Cook, and after watching and listening to the Hammond/Winder interview - I can say with enthusiasm that all is well with UW VB.
    Indeed, I am stoked!!
    My absolute best guess is that the combination of Cook, Gabriel, and Winder will be able to continue recruiting and teaching at the high level to which we have become accustomed during the McLaughlin era. Why?
    Listening to Jonathon Winder was reassuring. As a VB player, his resume is superior. He was/is flat out a great player. Having worked under Coach Dunphy at Pepperdine, in the mens' highly successful program as a player and assistant coach, is a huge plus. Mostly, however, I believe his personality, serious attitude, and youthfulness will allow him to become an outstanding recruiter for UW. The combination of Cook, Gabriel, and Winder has the potential to be the leaders of a new era in womens' volleyball commences, as the "older" coaches begin to slow down (think Pa. State, Texas, Stanford, Oregon, and several other places). The energy and potential that "Our Three" youthful coaches will bring, likely will enable UW to maintain or even improve upon the recent level of success the we all know and enjoy, so much. Go Huskies!! It's Easy To Be A Husky.

    Thanks for the info, Jack Hammond. Any new info regarding 2015 recruits who may have signed LOI's, like Julye and more?

  2. I don't like commenting as "Anonymous" but can't figure out how to make my "Yahoo Account" work. Maybe I will have to open a Google Account.

  3. Recruiting is the key. If next year's class is top-5 or even top-10, then the Huskies will not lose a beat and should be good for many years to come. If there is a dip and we don't get at least two top-20 players, then there is going to be a significant drop.

  4. Nice video, I hope you feel free to do as many as you want. I'll enjoy watching them.

    Welcome to Jonathan and his family, may they have many happy years here.


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