Sunday, November 29, 2015

College | Volleyball Tournament Selection Sunday | Where will Washington wind up?

Pac-12 co-champs will find out where they stand tonight
Today | 6PM | ESPNU 

For the third straight season, Washington enters the NCAA tournament with just two losses
-Volleyblog Seattle file photo by Leslie Hamann
Toss out AVCA's Top 25 (where Washington is tomorrow's likely #1). Toss out conference finishes (where Washington and USC tied at #1 in the Pac-12). Toss out recent records (where Washington has been dominant.) 

When the NCAA D1 Volleyball Tournament Selection Committee reveals its 64-team bracket later today, Washington fans should understand that largely ignore all of the above … and should brace for disappointing news. An overall seed, perhaps, of #6 (UW's current RPI). Assigned to a regional several time zones away, perhaps Austin, where Big-12 champ Texas could have home court advantage. 

But let's dream, shall we? 

The Huskies will be a high seedthus earning the right to host the first two rounds. They'll be grouped with three other seeded teams into one of four Regionals. From where we sit, here's how the committee should seed the top teams: 

(1) Washington 
(8) Penn St. 
(9) Kansas 
(16) Hawai'I 

(2) Texas 
(7) Texas A&M 
(10) Stanford 
(15) Louisville 

(3) USC 
(6) Nebraska 
(11) Florida 
(14) Ohio St 

(4) Minnesota 
(5) Wisconsin 
(12) BYU 
(13) UCLA 

That's how it should be. Find out how it will be in a couple of hours. 


  1. I really don't understand this process. The RPI makes no statistical sense. How USC could be ranked #1 and UW #5 is just bizarre. Can you help me?

    1. Complete disrespect is what the Dawgs got.. time to win it back on the court!

    2. Jack has written about this before. The problem is that we have a weak pre-season schedule, so the early opponents have low RPIs and that gives us a lower RPI. I agree it's dumb, but if we want to fix it we have to be willing to travel to stronger schools in the pre-season, which means fewer pre-season home matches.

  2. Well, you were almost right. #5 seed and going to Lexington for the Regional Finals, where they'll likely meet Nebraska - probably better than ending up in Texas.

    I like this team's balance and can easily see them winning it all if they stay on point. Should be a highly entertaining tournament...

  3. The female dogs are gone in the second round.

  4. Looks to me like the Dawgs got completely disrespected considering they won and USC lost. We didn't get a top seed losing out to Nebraska in that bracket. Looking forward to a beat down of the Huskers this year!

  5. Well, Jack you were right, co winners of the pac 12, #1 ranked in the coaches poll and we still are 5th seeded, wow, what does it take? I'd say we were pretty much disrespected. But it would seem the "deciders" are beyond reproach or question. I wonder how Colorado feels, with three teams below them going to the dance and they have to watch from outside with their noses pressed against window. The team looks good for going deep into the tournament. From watching the Big ten teams as much as I could, I'd say can hold our own just fine. go dawgs!


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