Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NCAA | Key Arena Volleyball Final Four Tickets moving fast

Lower bowl seats almost gone; Upper level seats now on sale
link: NCAA/Ticketmaster2013 Division 1 Women’s Volleyball Championships ticket site

Within the past hour, the NCAA and Ticketmaster have released more Key Arena 2013 Final Four tickets, this time for the lower-priced upper levels.
  • For the next several weeks, you can only buy “session” passes for admission to three matches: the two semifinals on December 19, and the championship on December 21. Lower-level session seats are $73.40; upper level range between $36.10-$51.72. Those prices are per seat, good for three matches, and include Ticketmaster’s handling fee.
  • Lower-level seats (sections 101-128) were released last week and are nearly gone, save for a few scattered single seats. Big swaths of lower-level seats along the sidelines will be reserved for participating schools once the four semifinalists are determined on December 14-15.
  • 12 of the 28 upper level sections (201-228) were put on sale this afternoon. To purchase group tickets, enter VBGROUP in the offer/password box. If you received a separate password as a member of the military or of the Washington Athletic Club, you can also enter it in the same box.
  • An NCAA spokesman was rather vague this afternoon when we asked why all 28 upper-level sections are not yet available, offering only that “it depends on demand” and “ESPN may have reserved some of those seats.” We’ll continue to try to get more information about when the remaining sections will open.
  • The Ticketmaster order site offers a detailed seating chart to learn exactly where your seats will be. It also allows you to track exactly how many seats are still available in each section.
  • Another option: The Ticketmaster order site allows you to log in with a Facebook account. That gives you a chance to see where your Facebook friends are sitting (so you can try to get close or far away, depending.)

Bottom line: The season doesn’t start for another ten days, but championship tickets are going fast. Remember that the last major NCAA Championship in Seattle was almost 20 years ago (men’s basketball in the Kingdome) … no telling when another one will roll around.

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  1. Alternate bottom line: They've created the illusion that tickets are going fast. It's an unholy alliance when the NCAA and Ticketmaster work together and things are not always as they appear. My past experience indicates good seats will still be available in the week prior to the event.


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