Sunday, November 30, 2014

NCAA | Washington volleyball will host New Hampshire in Tournament first round

Hawai’i and Duke also in Seattle; Nebraska, Florida State & Arizona other seeds in Seattle Regional
Ten Pac-12 teams qualify
  • #16 Duke vs. Hawai’i | Fri, Dec 5 | 5PM | Alaska Airlines Arena
  • New Hampshire @ #3 Washington | Fri, Dec 5 | 7PM | Alaska Airlines Arena

Washington will host
-Volleyblog Seattle photo by Leslie Hamann

The Washington Huskies, fresh off a victory over formerly-undefeated Stanford, was rewarded by the NCAA Selection Committee tonight with the top seed in the Seattle Regional of the 2014 NCAA D1 Volleyball Tournament, and #3 overall. Pac-12 champion Stanford is the number one overall seed, Big Ten champion Wisconsin is number four and Big-12 champion Texas is number 3, each the top seeds in their respective regionals.

#6 Florida State is the second-seeded team in the Seattle Regional. #11 Arizona is third and #14 Nebraska is fourth.

The tournament’s top 16 seeds will each host first and second round matches on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday. Washington will first host New Hampshire with the winner playing the winner of Duke vs Hawai’i the next night.

A record ten Pac-12 schools earned postseason berths, including Oregon State, which joins Stanford in the Ames Region. Only Cal and Washington State were left out. Four Pac-12 schools—USC, Arizona State, Oregon and Colorado—are in the Minneapolis Region. Three—Washington, Utah and Arizona—are in the Seattle Region. UCLA is the only Pac-12 school in the Louisville Region.

Three of this year’s top four seeds—Washington, Wisconsin and Texas—reached the 2013 Final Four in Seattle’s Key Arena. Last season’s champion, Penn State, will be the number two seed in the Louisville Regional, where Wisconsin is the top seed.


  1. What an awesome opportunity to continue to see the ladies play at UW. Let's hope we can continue the fan support we saw against Stanford and maybe a few more of media schmucks will show up. We have a great chance to get to OK!

  2. When the Huskies defeated Stanford the 8,646 Huskies fans were collectively the 7th woman!

    1. Sounds like fodder for a few hand-painted signs this weekend ...

    2. Eighth woman. The seventh woman is the libero...

  3. This is probably not the correct place to ask this, but has any information come out about Katy Beals? Her knee injury at the end of the WSU game did not look good. I tore my ACL playing hoops 15 years ago and it was almost exactly the same move that Katy did turning around quickly with her foot stuck to the floor. Does anyone know anything? I have searched and found nothing.

    1. "Suffered an ACL tear in her left knee near the end of the 3-0 win at Washington State (11/28) in the regular season finale." This is from the quick sheet published by the UW for each match.

    2. Which can be found where?


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