Friday, December 5, 2014

NCAA | How do stats match up for volleyball’s Seattle sub-regional?

Terry Wood compares numbers for Washington, New Hampshire, Duke & Hawai’i
  • #21 Duke vs. #23 Hawai’i | Fri, Dec 5 | 5PM | Alaska Airlines Arena
  • New Hampshire @ #3 Washington | Fri, Dec 5 | 7PM | Alaska Airlines Arena
  • NCAA Second Round | Sat, Dec 6 | 7PM | Alaska Airlines Arena

Blocking could be big in the Seattle subregional
-Volleyblog Seattle photo by Leslie Hamann

Our colleague, Terry Wood, runs some numbers for tonight’s Seattle subregional first round.

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  1. You can throw stats out the window when you get to the NCAA Tournament. As an example Duke was better than Hawaii in 6 of your 8 team categories and Duke got handled.

    Same goes for players,many of them will have a bad night in this Tournament. Often it is some sub that didn't stick out on a scouting film that will kill you.


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