Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NCAA | Sweet 16 volleyball ticket update and more Vansant news

Will we see a record crowd for a Seattle third round match?
  • #12 BYU vs #8 Florida State| Fri, Dec 12 | 4:00PM | Alaska Airlines Arena
  • #11 Nebraska @ #3 Washington| Fri, Dec 12 | 6:30PM | Alaska Airlines Arena
  • Regional Final | Sat, Dec 13 | 8:30PM | Alaska Airlines Arena
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Washington senior Krista Vansant
-Erika Schultz, Seattle Times

As of this morning, more than 4100 tickets have been distributed for Friday’s NCAA Sweet 16 doubleheader at Alaska Airlines Arena.

Last weekend’s attendance broke the previous Arena record for the respective rounds (1 & 2.) For round 3, the biggest crowd was in 2006, when 6,846 saw Washington defeat Ohio State.

All ticket prices and sales are handled by Ticketmaster for the NCAA, and are available at the Washington Athletic Department Ticket Office, or online at

ESPN added another honor to the long list already earned by Washington senior Krista Vansant. Today, espnW named Vansant its Volleyball Player of the Year. “She came to Washington on the fast track as an offensive star,” writes espnW’s Mechelle Voepel. “But her game is much more well-rounded than that.”

If you don’t have a print subscription to The Seattle Times, you might not appreciate the impact of today’s Sports section front page. There, filling almost the entire space above the fold, is a striking photo of Vansant by the Times’ talented Erika Schultz. Below the fold, columnist Jerry Brewer writes about the respect Vansant has earned from volleyball alumni and from athletes and coaches in other Washington sports.

Early on, Brewer mentions that one of the athletes who gave Vansant a shout-out was “women’s basketball guard, Jazmine Davis, who will play in the WNBA next summer.” What many of Brewer’s readers may not yet realize is that almost every Washington volleyball starter goes on to a professional career after graduation, usually in Europe. Increasingly, international professional volleyball players earn as much or more money than women basketball players.

If it’s not too late, get down to the store and buy a print copy of the article and photo. It’s sure to be a keepsake.

  • For the first time ever, an NCAA Sweet 16 match will be broadcast nationally by ESPN. The network’s ESPNU channel will carry Friday’s Nebraska/Washington match, with Sam Gore and Holly McPeak providing commentary. ESPNU is a premium channel on most cable services.
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  1. About time the Times ran a feature. Hopefully it will get a bunch more fans into HecEd this weekend.

  2. So glad to see Krista get the recognition she deserves! I've been a Husky volleyball fan for nearly 30 years and have seen a lot of talented players wear the purple and gold. But I've never seen someone continue to improve the way Krista has.

  3. Do you know how many tickets were distributed for the Stanford match a few days beforehand? Is it typical for there to be a large spike on the day of the matches? I'm hoping there is a chance 8,646 can be matched again or even exceeded!

    Thank you for all the work you do to increase visibility for this team and for volleyball.

    1. We never got a count prior to the Stanford match. We were impressed at the attendance, though, considering the match was on a rainy Wednesday at 5PM on Thanksgiving Eve, and received very little media attention in advance. What was the ticket magic that night?

  4. For the Stanford match it would be called hype! It was being talked about for over a month.


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