Saturday, December 17, 2011

Final Four: coach/comedian Mike Sealy of UCLA

SAN ANTONIO--UCLA's young head coach, Mike Sealy, has provided much of the levity this week at the Final Four. A sampling:

  • "At the time, our offense was so tragic and just stagnant ..." [referring to a point late in the season when the Bruins briefly switched to a two-setter offense.]
  • "The old superstitious baseball kid in me had to find a slump-buster." [on why he cut his flowing hair during the "tragic" point of the season; the Bruins are 5-0 since he was shorn.]
  • "She's all unicorns and rainbows ... Even when she doesn't make sense, it is still beautiful." [referring to his often-ebullient hitter Kelly Reeves]
  • "We couldn't decide if we are going to chest bump or hug it out." [on his conversation with Illinois head coach Kevin Hambly--whom he faced as a UCLA player when Hambly was at BYU--as they talked about what to do during tonight's pre-match handshake.]

UCLA coach Mike Sealy
[Volleyblog Seattle photo by Leslie Hamann]

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