Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Jim McLaughlin reacts to Olympic volleyball selections

Washington volleyball coach thrilled that Courtney Thompson and Tama Miyashiro are on the roster for London
“It’s a great, great day.”
That was Washington coach Jim McLaughlin’s first reaction when he learned that two of his former players had been named to the 12-member USA Olympic roster for the 2012 London Olympics.
“I’m just fired up,” he said.
University of Washington head coach Jim McLaughlin
-Volleyblog Seattle photo by Leslie Hamann
Back in 2003, McLaughlin placed his offense in the hands of Courtney Thompson, an undersized setter with an outsized personality. While other snickered, Thompson led Washington to a string of success, capped by three Final Four appearances and a national title.
But during the past decade, American universities have produced dozens of quality setters, many of them taller and—well, many of them who look the part. Even a few weeks ago, few gave Thompson a chance to be named one of the USA’s two Olympic setters (Minnesota’s Lindsey Berg is the other.)
“It’s a testament to who she is as a person,” McLaughlin told Volleyblog Seattle. “You know, I think ability is always part of the equation, but maybe the most important part is the intangibles. And Courtney has that in place better than anybody. I mean, just in terms of how hard she competes.”
“She competes, but she is a great teammate. And she makes the people around her better. And it will be a stronger unit because she’s on the team.”
Many also thought Tama Miyashiro was a longshot. But, like Thompson, she made every chance of every opportunity as the USA won the World Grand Prix tournament Sunday.
“I’m so happy she’s going,” said McLaughlin. “She’s laid back, but she’ll compete. She’ll make improvements. She’ll do what you need to do.”

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  1. Plus Janine Sandell is representing the UK - three UW teammates in the same olympic game...Don't think any other program can make that claim. A great day for Jim and the UW program.


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