Thursday, July 5, 2012

USA Men's Olympic Volleyball roster named

Donald Suxho sets David Lee
-courtesy FIVB
Those of us in the Northwest tend to focus on women's volleyball--the men's side is not a major high school or collegiate sport in our region.

But the men's game is equally exciting, and produced a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Top men also have an outsized influence on the women's game--9 coaches in the Pac-12 are men. Several--including Washington's Jim McLaughlin--have coached men at the highest levels (McLaughlin won a NCAA title with the USC men.) And the coach of the USA women's national team--which includes former UW stars Courtney Thompson and Tama Miyashiro--is Hugh McCutcheon, who led the men to that 2008 gold medal (and will be the head women's coach at Minnesota right after the London Olympics.)

This morning, USA men's head coach Alan Knipe named the members of the 2012 Olympic team:

2012 London Olympics USA National Men’s Roster


Donald Suxho
Korce, Albania
Brian Thornton
San Clemente, CA
UC Irvine


Rich Lambourne
Tustin, CA


Matt Anderson
West Seneca, NY
Penn State
Sean Rooney
Wheaton, IL
Paul Lotman
Lakewood, CA
Long Beach State
Reid Priddy
Richmond, VA
Loyola Marymount


Clay Stanley
Honolulu, HI
David McKienzie
Littleton, CO
Long Beach State


David Lee
Alpine, CA
Long Beach State
Russell Holmes
Fountain Valley, CA
David Smith
Saugus, CA
UC Irvine

  • Reid Priddy, Rich Lambourne, David Lee, Sean Rooney, and Clay Stanley were members of the 2008 Olympic team; Donald Suxho was on the 2004 team.
  • 2008 setter Lloy Ball and middle blocker Tom Hoff have retired.
  • Riley Salmon, Ryan Millar, Gabe Gardner, and Kevin Hansen were on the 2008 team, but were named as reserves for 2012.
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  1. Thanks, Jack!

    Too bad there's no UW connections in that group, or possibility of one.


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