Monday, September 17, 2012

Olympics | Courtney Thompson reacts to Karch Kiraly’s appointment

Thompson: “I’d follow him into battle any day”

USA setter Courtney Thomson (15)
-courtesy USA Volleyball
Last week, when USA Volleyball announced that Karch Kiraly is the new head coach of the US Women’s National Team, setter Courtney Thompson was on her way to Europe
Now that Thompson is settling in with her new pro team in the central Poland city of Łódź, she tells Volleyblog Seattle, via email, how she views Kiraly’s appointment:

“I am beyond thrilled that Karch will be our head coach moving into the next quad. He is simply one of the best people I have ever known, and someone I look forward to working with every day I walk into the gym.
“Karch is a teacher, a motivator, a competitor, and is willing to do whatever necessary to help the team win. I think the program has the opportunity to do some really special things in the next four years, and am extremely excited that Karch will be leading us. I'd follow him into battle any day.”

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