Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NCAA | What are the must-see preseason matches?

Here are the national 2012 nonconference matches worth watching

Starting Friday, and for the following 22 days, the calendar is full of must-see matches across the nation.

How about UCLA @ Nebraska this Saturday? Washington vs. Purdue next Friday? Stanford @. Penn State followed by Texas @ Penn State?

Two others we'll have our eye on: San Diego @ USC on September 7, and Pepperdine @ UCLA September 12 ...

Friday, August 24
Boise St. @ Washington
USC @ Texas A&M

Northern Iowa @ Purdue

Saturday, August 25
Gonzaga @ Washington
Oregon @ Ohio St
UCLA @ Nebraska
Portland St @ Washington
Long Beach St @ Kentucky
San Diego @ Texas

Illinois vs. Pepperdine
[@ Dayton]

Sunday, August 26

Stanford @ Hawai’i
Friday, August 31
Washington vs. Purdue
[@ Baton Rouge]
Colo. St vs. Tennessee
[@ Wichita]
Washington vs. Purdue
[@ Baton Rouge]
Washington @ LSU
San Diego Long @ Beach St
Stanford @ Penn St

Northern Iowa @ USC

Florida vs. Texas
[@ State College, PA]

Iowa St @ Illinois
Saturday, September 1
Washington vs. Rice
[@ Baton Rouge]
Oregon vs. Kentucky
[@ Athens, OH]
Stanford vs. Florida
[@ State College, PA]

Texas @ Penn St

Iowa St @ Illinois
Sunday, September 2

California @ Hawai’i

Arizona @ Pepperdine

Oklahoma @ Colo. St

Wednesday, September 5

Northern Iowa @ Iowa St

Thursday, September 6
Seattle U @ Washington
Oklahoma @ Nebraska
Minnesota @ Texas
Friday, September 7
L Beach St @ Washington
L Beach St @ Washington
San Diego @ USC

Minnesota @ Texas

Pepperdine @ Colorado St
Saturday, September 8

Michigan vs. Northern Iowa
[@ Milwaukee]
Kentucky @ Nebraska

Sunday, September 9

UCLA @ Hawai’i
Tuesday, September 11
Washington @ Portland

Wednesday, September 12

Pepperdine @ UCLA
Friday, September 14

Pepperdine vs. Ohio St
[@ Houston]
Illinois @ Texas

Pepperdine vs. Florida St
[@ Houston]

Saturday, September 15

UCLA @ Colorado St
Nebraska @ Iowa St

Ohio St vs. Florida St
[@ Houston]
Long Beach St vs. No. Iowa
[@ Dekalb, IL]

Washington defender Kelly Holford
-Volleyblog Seattle photo by Leslie Hamann

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  1. I think another match to add to the list is Stanford v. Saint Mary's on 8/24 at 8pm PT in Hawaii. Saint Mary's got a couple of top transfers and they are also returning a good chunk of their roster. In my opinion, they should have made the NCAA tournament last year. Looking forward to the season!


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