Monday, August 27, 2012

Pac 12 | Hurricane Isaac may change Washington volleyball plans

Baton Rouge Tournament—featuring Washington, Purdue, Rice and host LSU—may have to be moved to Houston

The latest hurricane projections from NOAA show Hurricane Isaac heading straight for Louisiana.

There are now discussions about moving this weekend’s volleyball matches from Baton Rouge, home of host LSU, to Houston, home of participant Rice

The tournament is scheduled for this Friday and Saturday, but teams were scheduled to arrive in Baton Rouge earlier in the week.

courtesy NOAA (as of 11:00AM, Pacific time, August 27, 2012)

WRITTEN BY: Jack Hamann | PHOTOGRAPHY: Leslie Hamann

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  1. Just read that United is cancelling all Houston-New Orleans flights on Tuesday & Wednesday and possibly beyond.

    Probably a good idea to move the tournament.


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