Thursday, November 1, 2012

VIDEO | Jim McLaughlin talks about why being aggressive matters.

QUICK SET with Coach Jim McLaughlin for the week of October 29, 2012

The more you know about the how and why of volleyball, the more fun it is to watch and play.

Amanda Gil (L) and Krista Vansant
-courtesy Shutter Geeks Photography
This week, eighth-ranked Washington endured two narrow losses in LA to the Trojans and the Bruins. But coach Jim McLaughlin says he was encouraged by what he saw.

“I thought the trip was extremely tough,” says McLaughlin on this week’s edition of Quick Set. “But there are moments we can put it together in a tough situation. And it comes down to two plays that define the match. And those two plays this week were unaggressive plays. And I just want our kids to understand that, and to go for it. That’s how you’re gonna win a tough match.”

Also this week:
  • What does coach McLaughlin say to a player who is struggling?
  • Should he have made more—or, at least, quicker—substitutions?
  • When are errors a good thing?

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