Wednesday, October 10, 2012

VIDEO | “Perpetually dissatisfied” Jim McLaughlin talks about blocking

QUICK SET with Coach Jim McLaughlin for the week of October 8, 2012

Washington's Kelcey Dunaway (2) and Kylin Munoz (24) put up a double block
-Volleyblog Seattle photo by Leslie Hamann
The more you know about the how and why of volleyball, the more fun it is to watch and play.

This week, Washington is ranked second in the nation in blocks per set.

In a Volleyblog Seattle exclusive video, Washington Coach Jim McLaughlin sits down for a conversation about whether being a big-blocking team is a big deal.

This Huskies are also third in the nation in hitting percentage.

Watch McLaughlin talk about whether good blocking and good hitting are related. He also responds to a Pac-12 Network broadcaster’s observation that he (Coach McLaughlin) is “perpetually dissatisfied.”

WRITTEN BY Jack Hamann | PHOTOS BY Leslie Hamann

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