Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fun | Volleyball Trick or Treat

(1) Best costume (2) Ducks on the Needle?

Just back from a Queen Anne Avenue Halloween stroll. Saw a treat at the top of the hill, and thought about a trick at the bottom …


This Halloween, ninjas and Harry Potters were scarce; inflatable sumo wrestlers and Tin-Tin characters were ascendant. Amid a scattering of Seahawks and Sounders, we spotted our favorite … a sure sign that volleyball is capturing imaginations:

"You should see my friend," said 'Kerri Walsh', "she's dressed as Misty May!"


Did anyone else note the—ahem—striking similarity between the recent Space Needle design contest winner and the mess on the floor of Oregon’s Matthew Knight Arena (Matt Court)?

Separated at birth?

The current Space Needle paint job replicates the original 1962 “Galaxy Gold.” I might be more interested in artist Nicole Commins’ green “Trees” design if it:
  1. Was painted on the Needle’s underside (to give the illusion of looking up through a second-growth canopy); and
  2. It didn't remind me so much of Matt Court.

Design is, of course, a matter of taste, and there are undoubtedly some who aren't bothered by the Ducks’ brown/beige paint spill. But when 60x30 white tape is laid down for volleyball, mud-colored smudges bleed in and out of the sidelines. It’s a clear sign that Oregon's arena architects were thinking mostly about basketball ... and that other sports were a bit of an afterthought.

What do you think?

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