Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Washington's Pac-12 Player of the Week bump?

As we pointed out two weeks ago (Want to be Player of the Week? Beat Washington!), players on teams that defeat the Huskies seem to have an inside track for the Pac-12's weekly Player of the Week award. It happened October 17 (Cal's Christina Higgins & Stanford's Karissa Cook), and again October 24 (Oregon's Lauren Plum.)

Well, the Huskies lost again this week, to #1 UCLA and #4 USC. And the Pac-12 Players of the Week? Kelly Reeves of the Bruins (defense), and Lauren Williams of the Trojans (offense).

Washington fans can have fun with figuring this out. Does it mean that the Pac-12 assigns extra value when a team is able to defeat the Huskies? Or does it mean the Huskies are in the habit of allowing certain opponents to have big weeks against them?

Of course, if you are a WSU fan, you'll point out that the Cougars have also lost to those very same teams on the very same weekends. Perhaps its a state of Washington curse ...

Maybe the real test will come in two weeks, when UW and WSU play each other twice.

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