Thursday, November 10, 2011

You can't spell Washington without a "K" ...

K-K-K-Katie …

Okay, imagine you are a volleyball coach. Imagine further that you’re at practice, and you call out your players’ names for a drill.
Ready? Say these names out loud, as quickly as you can:
Kelly, Kelcey, Katy, Cassie, Kaleigh, Kylin, Kim, Krista …

With the addition of new recruits Katy Beals and Cassie Strickland, those tongue-twisting names will fill more than half of University of Washington Coach Jim McLaughlin’s roster next season.
In baseball, the letter “K” stands for “strikeout;” in volleyball, it stands for “kill.” Is it too early for the Husky volleyball student section to starting working on posters and cheers?

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